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Affiliate Programs

This section of focuses on what affiliate programs are, how they work, and how you can benefit from them. If you already have a website up and running, you're half way there; however, if you're only starting out, our information on Internet marketing is sure to set you on the right path.

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program where the webmaster earns part of the profit made as a result of the traffic, leads or sales that he or she delivers to a merchant website. There are no limits to the type of affiliate program and payment arrangement that a company can set up; what kind of program benefits them the most depends on the type of service or product they provide. A merchant that receives regular payments such as subscription fees for instance, is more likely to offer a residual program, because they have gain return customers, which are of more value. Affiliate programs are a great way for an existing business to expand and a good opportunity for those looking to make an extra buck or those wanting to set themselves up with a steady monthly income. It's quite simple actually. You as the affiliate will advertise a product on your website

This new form of marketing has been encompassed by many industries already. Whether your goals are big or small, you can achieve them by signing up as an affiliate. When you sign, you'll be set up with an account through which you can track your site's performance; you'll have access to information such as banner clicks, downloads and/or sign-ups, revenue generated from your referrals and also your own share of the profit. You may also have access to various tools to enhance your site and aid with its maintenance like meta tag generators and analyzers, traffic counters and banner rotation programs, which are usually offered in most affiliate programs. Aside from general webmaster tools, you could also be provided with others to market the product such as sub-affiliate referrer codes, industry reviews, mailers, link hiders, and popup code generators, to name a few. Once again, it all depends on the program.

I encourage you to read through some of our other pages to find out what your options are as an affiliate. Learn about the types of affiliate programs available, the different payment arrangements, various industries in which to pursue this endeavor and much more. Thinking of starting your own business? We have information on that as well.

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