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Types of Affiliate Programs

The great thing about affiliate programs is that 50% of the work is already done for you. Your only job is to drive traffic to the advertiser. However, before you make the decision of what kind of affiliate to sign up for, I would suggest you do a little research first (or you can simply read through our site and you'll get the right idea). It may seem like the benefits of a particular program are unsurpassed, but one thing to consider is the advertiser's ability to convert the traffic you send them into customers. You see, the way most programs work is that you don't make any money off of your referred visitors unless they purchase something. You have to be sure that the destination to which you are sending your traffic is trustworthy, reliable, and gives visitors an incentive to join. Possessing these three characteristics, an advertiser is far more likely to convert.

How much you'll be earning as an affiliate in the end depends mostly on the industry you chose and the particular program you signed up for. An industry's success is based on demand. If the demand is low, your affiliate earnings in the particular business area won't be impressive. Without a doubt, the most successful are affiliate programs in the gambling industry. Why? Well, let's look at some numbers first, shall we?

Books and Magazines

You might have heard of and their affiliate program. Yes, it's been around for a long time, but has it really put anyone at a significant financial advantage? Well, that's still to be witnessed. The reason for this is that affiliate programs in this area average a payout of about 5% - 15%, which isn't all that high to begin with. Now, incorporate the price of each product (an average of $25 each) and you're only making $1.25 to $3.75 per customer.


You can expect to receive anywhere from 5% to 10% commission on any purchases made by your referred visitors. These usually only include first time purchases; you are not credited for any further transactions made by those same individuals. Return customers are in part what keeps a business going; why shouldn't you get your share?


Affiliate earnings range from 5% to 10% on first time purchases only; no consideration is given to return customers. If you're thinking of selling CDs, DVDs or other types of media, don't plan on getting rich any time soon. The fact of the matter is that if someone is looking for media online, they aren't looking to pay for it; there are enough download programs out there to keep them quite content.


As the battle between satellite and cable television continues, satellite companies have resorted to affiliate programs to push their sales more. The average payout is $40 per customer. While it may seem like an appealing payout, you only receive it if the individual signs up for their service right then and there. Since decisions such as these take time and most individuals do a little bit of shopping around before they settle on one particular provider, chances are you won't get that sale. Why? Well, once the individual leaves the site that you have referred them to, you've lost them. The next time they visit the merchant site, it will either be using the direct URL or a bookmark.

These are only some of the business areas that employ affiliate programs as a mean to market their product. There are many others, but I think by now I've made my point. You won't find a better business that benefits the affiliate more than does the casino industry. Read our page about our casino affiliate program to learn the details and how you can take advantage of it.

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