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CasinoBlasters Affiliate Benefits

You're probably wondering why this site is sold on CasinoBlasters, aren't you? The reason behind is simple, because it's the best affiliate program in the world. What makes it the best? The table below outlines some of the main features of an affiliate program and how CasinoBlasters compares to other affiliate programs in the casino industry.

FeatureCasinoBlasters ProgramOther Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Payouts Affiliate percentages (50% in the first month and 36% thereafter for the lifetime of the player) are based on the casino's GROSS income as opposed to NET. This is worth up to 20% of the real value to the affiliate; CasinoBlasters is the only program in the world to do this. No hidden charges - what you see is what you get.
CPA: $100 - $250 (the highest-paying CPA program available)
Not only are affiliate payouts based on NET income, the payout percentages don't match those offered by CasinoBlasters. They usually range between 20% - 40%, and the percentage you earn is based on how much the casino profited from your players. Also, there are many charges that are applied to your balance before it is paid, such as credit card fees which can be as high as 6%.
CPA: the average is about $75 - $125
Sub-Affiliate Earnings Affiliates earn 10% of webmaster earnings by anyone who has signed up under them and 5% of webmaster earnings from anyone who singed up under their sub-affiliates. Affiliates only receive 2% of webmaster earnings by anyone who has signed up under them. Sometimes, there are more levels below the 2nd tier, but they average only a sliver of 1%
Loss Carry-Overs? No loss carry-overs from month to month. You have a fresh start each month. Many programs get a little greedy and make sure you make up the money that your players have caused the casino to lose and carry over negative balances from month to month.
Partner Casinos Not only are there 5 high visibility brands to chose from, sending your visitors to those casinos is easier because they're known all over the world. The partner casinos include Golden Palace, Grand Online, Flamingo Club, Aspinalls, and Golden Nugget. Most affiliate programs offer an average of 3 partner casinos. Not only is the choice a little limited, most of the online casinos are either new and trying to get their name recognized or simply have not been as successful over the years. Reasons could be many, though trustworthiness is a big issue.
Conversion Ratios The highest new player sign-up bonuses of up to 200% stimulate highest conversions in the industry. Most casinos only offer sign-up bonues of 20% - 60% with the odd 100% sign-up bonus.
Retention Rates Amazing player rewards programs stimulate play and encourage the more players to stay. Because CasinoBlasters offers earnings over the players' lifetime, you can quickly set up a continuous cash flow without much work. While some casinos try their hardest to acquire new players, they quickly forget about them once they've signed up, causing many players to leave. If earnings over a player's lifetime are part of the program, you won't see much of that money.
Payout Schedule The affiliate receives payment every month on time as long as they have a minimum of $50 that's outstanding. Some programs pay out on a quarterly basis (every 3 months), while others require an outstanding balance of anywhere from $100 - $250. It may take a while before you actually see you money.

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