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Casino Affiliate Programs

I could tell you straight out that Casino Blasters is the most profitable of all casino affiliate programs available online, but you wouldn't believe me without any proof. Because everything these days needs to be backed by solid evidence, we have compiled a list of some of the most advantageous programs available so you can do the math yourself.

Our charts compare the basic features of casino affiliate programs: the programs available (revenue-sharing, CPA, sub-affiliate payouts), payout percentages, and number of clients (partner casinos). In the column labelled "Details" you'll get a quick description of the ins and outs of the program, allowing you to identify what sets one program apart from another.

Affiliate Program Affiliate Payout Clients Program Details
Referspot 25%-35%
CPA: n/a
2nd tier: 3%
5 Your earnings are based on how many depositing players you refer. You earn always 25% on casino revenue up to $25,000 and 35% on revenue that's made on top of the $25,000.
Casino Partners 25%
CPA: $75-$125
2nd tier: 2%
3 Although they advertise payouts of up to 40%, the Terms and Conditions only suggest a 25% commission, regardless of the number of players you refer or what the casino's profit is.
Prism Affiliate 25%-50%
CPA: $32-$75
2nd tier: 5%
1 Your earnings reflect the number of depositing players you refer. For example, to earn as much as 40% of the net revenue, you must refer at least 100 depositors. There are also a credit card processing fee of 4% - 6%.
Wager Wages 25%-35%
CPA: n/a
2nd tier: 2%
7 How much you earn depends on how much your players deposit and win. In order to receive a 35% commission, your net earnings must be $30,000.
Portofino 30%-50%
CPA: n/a
2nd tier: no
1 Earnings depend on the net profit the casino made from your players.

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