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Website Marketing

Unless the intent of your site is for family and friends only, promoting your website is a very important step if you're to make any money from it. Website marketing comes in many forms; the funds that you have set aside will be the main influence as to which way you decide to market your website.


Placing ads on other sites promoting your website is one of the fastest ways to make yourself visible online; however, it's not the cheapest. You may receive lots of traffic while you're advertising your website on popular online destinations, but what happens once the ads are taken down? Also, be sure to get the traffic stats of the website where you intent to advertise. The amount it costs to get your sites listed should reflect the potential traffic sent your way. Price shopping never hurt anyone.

Search Engine Placement

One of the most effective and long-lasting methods of website marketing is to rank well in the search engines. By doing so, you more or less guarantee yourself a certain amount of traffic (depending on how well you rank) regardless of whether or not any other site is pushing yours. Relying on oneself is the safest way to success. The traffic you receive from search engines is also free; no need to pay monthly bills for visitors to your site.

E-mail Marketing

You can always spread the word by sending out the occasional email. Now, this is a touchy subject. Everyone with an email account is sure to have received spam at some point and we all know how annoying and frustrating dealing with spam messages can be. You never asked to receive offers on the latest porn DVDs, so how come you're getting them? Well, that's a different topic. The baseline is, if you're to be one of the few whose promotion emails get noticed, you need to send it to the right individuals. You can attain lists of customers who have opted in and want to receive certain promotions. Either set up your own newsletter or promotion sign-up form or see if a list is anywhere available. It can be an expensive process, but the return on it may be worthwhile.

Along with website marketing comes the need to track your results. Afterall, you need to know what works and what doesn't. If you have chosen to purchase advertising spots, check back regularly to see how much traffic you're gaining and whether or not it's worth the price. The fact is, no one cares about your site's performance but you, so make sure everything is in order. Check your search engine rankings on a weekly basis to see if improvements can be made. What about your ROI? Do your campaigns need to be optimized? Checking and re-checking where your site is at will pay off in the long run.

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