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Affiliate Tools

When you have the opportunity to make things a little easier for yourself, you take it right? Designing and maintaining a website offers many such opportunities: there are enough webmaster tools available today to make any novice look like a professional. You can find anything from code generators to stats tools to free website templates.

Some programs offer their affiliates a list of webmaster tools to aid in their job; however, some are better than others. The following are affiliate tools that CasinoBlasters offers it's affiliates as well as non-members:

Link Hider
Sometimes, visitors are less likely to click on a link if they can see that it's an affiliate link; instead, they'll go directly to the main URL. The reason for this is not certain, but it could be as simple as them not wanting you to make any money off of their orders, even though it doesn't hurt or benefit them in any way. Regardless of the reason, the only way you can receive commission is if your visitors click on one of your affiliate links. This tool allows you to hide the affiliate link and replace it with a title of your choice in the status bar. Not only is this of benefit to you, but it also gives the user a better idea of where that particular link leads.

Meta Tag Builder
You can easily add meta-tags to your site with the use of this tool. Most of the search engines that you submit your site to use meta-tags to create a profile of your site.

Popup Code Generator
Pop-ups aren't always annoying; you just have to make sure that they are in the right place and popping at the right time. This tool will help you add a pop-up to your site. The form asks for three parameters: the URL of the page to pop, and the height and width of the window. Easy, right?

Other affiliate tools offered by CasinoBlasters include progressive tickers (for their partner casinos), mailers, and sub-affiliate codes. These are only available to webmasters who have signed up for the CasinoBlasters affiliate program.

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