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Featured Affiliate Program - Casino Blasters

Fun Webmaster Tools

There are a lot of different webmaster tools available that will help you entertain your visitors and keep them coming back. The best are those, which allow users to form an online community and thus a place they'll want to visit often, maybe even invite a few friends. Word of mouth is the best and most effective advertising method. Here are some available webmaster tools:
Cost: Free
Revenue Potential: No
Service Description:
You can add a free chat room to your site using this service. Just fill out your name, email address and the URL of the site you wish to feature the chat on; you will then be given the html code to put one your website.
Cost: Free
Revenue Potential: Yes
Service Description:
Game In A Can is a free webmaster service, which offers a free games console including craps, blackjack, roulette, video poker, and 3 different slot machines. The console is customized for the look and feel of your site and comes with a built-in chat room for your players to get to know each other as well as your own advertising real estate. No forced banners, no monthly fees - it's all yours.
Cost: Free
Revenue Potential: No
Service Description:
A service that lets you create your own chat room and put it on your website; however, the chat room you create is part of a larger room that is on the provider's site.
Cost: Free
Revenue Potential: Yes
Service Description:
With this free service, you can add a co-branded greeting card section to your website. Only available to webmasters whose site receives 100 hits per day or more.

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